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Content Management Systems

Engage your customers by keeping them up-to-date with latest information, events, new product lines and services. If you are continually updating your website with new information, you are giving your target market a reason to return, promoting your brand and hopefully converting the visits to repeat sales. 

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Responsive Design

Our philosophy of ‘information anywhere’ is about giving users the information they need no matter where they are (work, home, bus, overseas), or what device they are on (smartphone, tablet,laptop, widescreen desktop, smart tv).

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eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce is the online shopfront of your business, so it needs to reflect your businesses core values and most importantly - sell products or services. With any business, there are a number of dynamic factors, such as regular changes to products and services, that can become hard to manage. To be able to regularly update your site with ease, we offer our clients a choice of leading eCommerce CMS platforms such as Shopify.

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Mobile Websites

There is no doubt about it and the research is conclusive, web browsing on a mobile devices is increasing at an incredible rate. Businesses who choose to adapt and allow customers to view their site on the device of their choice, will reap the rewards.

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Content & Copywriting

Content marketing is about creating great content to market your business or product. Content can be video, images, text, design and much much more. The sole purpose of your content should be to benefit your customers by making them laugh, educating them, inspiring them or solving their problem. Our team specialise in great content marketing and content strategy to increase your brand awareness and make your customers love you.

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Web Hosting

Through Hive Web Hosting we offer 100% Australian owned and operated business grade professional and reliable web hosting services.

We manage our own dedicated servers, enabling us to provide reduced costs and direct support to our clients. We host websites in Australia and internationally, with all customer support being deployed from our Gold Coast office during normal business hours. If you call with an issue, we act straight away.

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