Content Marketing Explained

Digital Marketing / 07 Oct 2014

Content Marketing Explained

So, what is content marketing?

Content marketing is about creating benefit for your customers by making them laugh, educating them, inspiring them or solving their problem. Great content marketing increases your brand awareness and make your customers love you.

It's important to have a solid content marketing strategy to add significant value to your business offering. Great content helps with trust building, educating, community involvement and increasing conversions.

Key elements for an effective content strategy

Trust building

Show your clients you are an industry leader with knowledgeable and helpful content. Commentary on current industry issues and case studies of current clients is a great place to start. The more knowledge you share with them, the more confident they will be in your abilities and experience.


Educate your customers on your industry practices so they better understand the service you are delivering. The days of ‘leave it to me, I know what I’m doing’ are over. Give them some insight to your business and how you operate. A great way to do this is holding seminars, e-newsletters and links to great articles.

Community Involvement

Don’t be afraid to get your customers involved in contributing content to build a great community around your brand. Testimonials, guest blog posts and case studies are a great way to involve your customers with each other (for their benefit). Involving yourself in a charity or donating your products and services is also another great way to generate content and attract attention to your brand.

Generate New Business

Make sure you don’t forget to have a call to action presence in and around your content. You need to be able to provide further explanation and assistance to your customers and draw them to your products and services.

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