Retargeting Ads: Do they work?

Digital Marketing / 13 Jun 2017

Have you ever felt like you were being tormented by that item of clothing you left in your online shopping basket? Like every online corner you turn it’s stylin’ self is staring at you, trying to lure you back to that ‘Purchase’ button. This isn’t happening by coincidence, in fact businesses are doing this very purposefully to entice you back to their website.  

How does it work? Am I being stalked?

In a non-creepy way, sort of. I’ll break down what we do exactly.

Firstly, we put a bit of code on the business's website and any specific pages they would like to track. In Facebook or Google AdWords, we can then use this tracked audience that is being built as a target audience for ads. When it comes to setting up the ads, you can target people who viewed specific pages or people who just viewed the website. You can even target people who made it to the ‘add to cart’ but didn’t actually checkout. Ultimately, it’s like an online shop assistant following you around the store after you’ve picked up or tried on an item.  

Does it work? 

Studies have shown that returning visitors to a website are much more likely to purchase than a new visitor. A 2016 study by BI Intelligence found that on average, new visitors to a website had a 2.4% conversion rate compared to returning visitors who had a 4.5% conversion rate. So if you’re putting your product in front of people who have visited your website and specifically viewed that product, the chances of them purchasing are much higher than if you didn’t.

From our own experience working with a range of businesses, we find retargeting ads receive a much higher ROI than regular ads. This is true for Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram advertising. They work because you’re speaking to an already engaged audience who you know is interested in what you have to offer. Data from your website and Google Analytics as well as understanding your typical customers allows you to be pretty specific when creating regular ads but retargeting takes that specificity even further. 

Being able to stay at the top of a customer’s mind is essential. Every platform of social media brings another opportunity to promote your business, product or service This means that your competitors have these same opportunities so if you’re not grabbing their attention, someone else probably is. Take the chance to target those who are interested in your business and receive a good ROI.

If this sounds like something you want to get started for your business, chat to us about what you want to achieve and we can put a strategy together for you. Get in touch with us here

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