Split Testing Campaigns

Split testing can be used in a number of instances when it comes to online marketing and is a useful tool when helping to determine the effectiveness of campaign ideas. It can also be used on a number of online marketing channels such as newsletter campaigns, website landing pages and banner ads.

Why is split testing important?

You might just think that it is just another fluff marketing tool, but in reality split testing helps with putting assumptions to bed about “what works” with your marketing and lets the results prove it.

Say you had a newsletter you were sending out, but you and your team were torn between 2 different subject lines for the campaign. By split testing your newsletter you can study the effectiveness of both of those subjects and see which subject performed best.

How does it work?

Firstly your target audience is split into 2 groups, A and B. A time limit or monitoring period should also be set allowing you enough time to see some comparative results. One version of your campaign is served to group A and the other version to group B for the duration of the set period.

After your campaign has run with enough data to make a decision, you can choose which one you wish to serve up to the remainder of your audience.

Whatever you do, don’t be hasty! It can be tempting at times to pick the best performing campaign shortly after starting a test, however there is a good possibility that a particular campaign can start off strong and then drop off quickly.

  • Split Campaign Checklist
  • Determine your audience
  • Split the audience into groups A/B
  • Set a testing period
  • Create your A/B campaigns
  • Serve and observe
  • Be patient

At the end of your test you will need to compare the data you have gathered from the campaign. Try to keep all of the metrics in mind when trying to compare which campaign worked. In some cases it will be clear which campaign really shines however in close call situations, you will need to take a deeper look into the results to see which performed better overall.

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