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News / 18 Oct 2016

Meet Brendan, Our Digital Producer

Brendan Keevers, Digital Producer

Introducing Brendan Keevers, our new digital producer here at Stead Lane. Brendan’s role is to inspire creativity and ensure quality through Stead Lane’s highly skilled team, also serving as a central point of communication between client and the creative process. As a Digital Producer, Brendan will lead all projects to improve communication, production and delivery on time and on budget.

Brendan has over 10 years of experience and knowledge in digital marketing, design and web development. He is highly skilled in handling multiple projects simultaneously varying across a broad range of channels and utilising this knowledge to continuously improve creative methods with efficient productivity. His passion is user experience (UX) and visual communication to influence behaviour, backed up with a formal education in management, advertising and contemporary marketing.

What is a Digital Producer?

A Digital Producer facilitates the best environment for creatives and clients to excel with communication and creative empowerment of the larger picture at the forefront of their inspiration. Part of the creative team, a Digital Producer’s role is to not restrict creativity on the projects, but be proactive in guiding the creative process to excel on the given budget and scope.

What Brendan Brings to the company

Brendan has experience across the board in Development, Design and Strategy with an excellent client focus to deliver great work within customer requirements and budget. His experience with multimedia projects including print, signage as well as motion video advertising brings new successful design and development techniques from other industries into Stead Lane to boost efficiency and nurture creativity.

Bringing a professional agile management methodology into the agency to maximise output within software, design and development. Alongside this Brendan will instill a great creative

A brief History

A solid history in Graphic Design and Illustration over 15 years where he began on commissioned digital art projects alongside street art and mural works in Byron Bay and Sydney. This ignited a strong interest in digital communication and colour psychology in which he began pursuing a design career in which he was able to apply a foundation knowledge of IT systems and base programming which lead eventually into Design & Website Development.

10 years ago Brendan moved to the Gold Coast where he worked within a design agency as a Graphic Designer working on some of the Cities larger developments, Signage & Print in which you would have more than likely seen Brendan’s work around the Gold Coast city but haven’t realised.

For the past 6 years Brendan has owned and operated his own Marketing & Design Agency working with national and international brands offering strategies through product design, POS Marketing and also a vast array of digital services. Through owning and operating his agency, he developed a commercialised understanding the marketing industry and developed efficient techniques to produce quality work above what was expected. Brendan understands the importance of good customer relationships and is passionate about producing a great product, taking great pride in his work.

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