What's in store for StripECon APAC

Partners / 17 Mar 2017

Today we are announcing the key speakers and talks for the 2nd StripeCon APAC, the community run SilverStripe conference in the Asia-Pacific region. The presentations are set to give you some outstanding case studies, the best tips and tricks on using SilverStripe CMS/Framework and SilverStripe 4, as well as what’s in store for future SilverStripe development.

SilverStripe development

Open source community members who are directly involved in the development of SilverStripe CMS/Framework will provide an overview of the development focus in the past, present and the future, as well as some technical advice on using SilverStripe software. Long time core contributor, Damian Mooyman, will talk about SilverStripe 4 with a focus on our development direction. You will be able to see how SilverStripe CMS/Framework has evolved and where it is going in the next versions. The most commonly asked question over the past year will be answered: “When will the SilverStripe 4 stable release be out?”.

SilverStripe Developer, Robbie Averill, has been hard at work upgrading sites and modules to SilverStripe 4. He will share with you what he has discovered that could prepare you for upgrading your projects to this new CMS/Framework.

We will also dedicate some ‘ask us anything’ time at the conference to answer any burning questions you have – directly from SilverStripers in the Wellington headquarters.


Case studies and tech talks

There will be a couple of case studies on using SilverStripe software to deliver successful projects. Internetrix will share some lessons on their latest success using SilverShop for a government site.

SilverStripe is not just a CMS but also a framework with the development flexibility suitable for more demanding application level projects. SilverStripe Support Developer, Dylan Wagstaff, will prove this with insights from a project he worked on in the UK.

More technical talks are also on the agenda: Stead Lane, the host of StripeCon APAC, will focus on some of the SilverStripe modules that they have developed and gained overwhelmingly positive feedback from the open source community. Haylix engineers will discuss DevOps and why DevOps needs specialists.


See you in Canberra!

We will reveal the full schedule on the StripeCon APAC website next week. If you want to be the first to know and get your questions answered directly from the source, get your tickets now!

This conference cannot take place without the generous support from our host Stead Lane and sponsors: SilverStripe Ltd, Internetrix, and Innoweb.

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