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Utilising Shopify Plus functionality, Stead Lane has collaborated with Moana Bikini to create a truly unique customer experience.
Moana Bikini - Unique Ecommerce Experience


In early 2018 Moana Bikini came to us looking for a digital partner to help improve their user experience and assist with customised campaign launches across regional websites. They have a very unique brand and super loyal customer base, so the site needed to be something special.


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Long Term Partnership

Working in a monthly retainer capacity, we have been building additional functionality based on a collaborative task roadmap. Tasks are tackled in smaller manageable blocks of work, sort of mini-projects.

Quarterly Strategy Workshops
To create the roadmap, we meet every quarter to discuss objectives and proactive ideas to further improve the site experience and detailed planning of launches.

International Campaign Launches
With 3 regional websites, new collection launches can be challenging. We use a combination of Launchpad and code deployment systems to allow for all sites to be updated at the same time.

Website Features

Cart Cross Sell
This specific cart cross sell has been referenced by the Shopify Plus team a number of times over the past couple of years. This clever feature offers the customer to add a matching top when they add a pair of bikini bottoms to the cart (or vice versa). From there, it’s one simple click to add it to the order.

Discounted Product with Purchase
Another clever cart feature is the 50% towel when the customer reaches a cart value threshold. This feature utilises Shopify Plus scripts to discount the product, as well as removing the discount if the cart value decreases below the threshold. Great way to increase AOV, margin and get more exposure with the colourful branded towel.

Bikini Quiz
The bikini quiz was a concept created to strengthen customer engagement, giving customers input to the future of Moana Bikini. The fun quiz style feature asks a series of questions, which then outputs data to the Moana team. 

Shop by Model
Moana is a super inclusive brand and truly wants their products to be worn by all. They have really paved the way for designing for different body types and using really different models for their shoots. We created a feature on the site to allow visitors to browse by ‘Moana Babe’.


Web Design / UX / UI / Web Development

The Work

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  • Minimal stress international campaign launches
  • Together we have created a really unique website experience
  • Continued growth and increased brand loyalty

Stead Lane were contracted to help us, primarily, develop the front-end of our website to provide a better and more efficient experience for our customers. They have 100% succeed in this task.

Not only that, but along the way, they have provided excellent knowledge of the Shopify Plus platform, and have helped to ensure that both our customer-facing and internal-systems are up to industry-best practice and beyond. Design and development have both been top-notch and created an online presence above and beyond our previous website/s.

Stead Lane have shown great understanding of our industry and customers, as well as bringing in knowledge from other industries to compliment our growth.

Stead Lane have definitely been the outside-influence we needed to continue to push Moana Bikini in a positive and fruitful direction and we're excited to tackle more projects with them in the near future.

Ryan Jones, Head of Marketing

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