Shopify Plus Build & Growth Strategy

Muscle Nation

Going on the hyper growth journey with the fitness industry powerhouse. Starting with a migration from WordPress to Shopify Plus.
Muscle Nation Shopify Plus Build & Growth Strategy

Muscle Nation

Muscle Nation is an Australian based fitness apparel brand that came to us in distress after their WooCommerce website kept crashing every time they had a collection launch. They were in desperate need to upgrade their platform and infrastructure before their next launch, which was about 8 weeks from when they contacted us.

Upon further investigation, we also discovered a lot of bugs in the current site and the customer data was an absolute mess. We needed to act fast.

The real problem at the bottom of all of this was they didn’t have a trusted partner to work with to control and increase their anticipated growth. They were looking for an agency they could trust long term.

Key Objectives

  • Move to a robust and scalable eCommerce platform

  • Scale the business as fast as possible

  • Ongoing website updates to increase performance

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The Journey to Date

Our Ongoing Relationship - At the time of writing we’ve been working with Muscle Nation for over 2 years. We’ve formed a great partnership and played an integral role in their growth journey. This is a great example of how we like to work with our clients, a true partnership. The following outlines some of the key initiatives we have worked on together.

Priority 1 - Migration from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus

  • Migrated to Shopify Plus in 4 weeks: We managed to get MN out of WooCommerce and into Shopify Plus in 4 weeks, which was a record time for us.

  • Cleaned up their customer data: Due to some unfortunate circumstances, MN actually had two separate websites with customer and product information spread across both. As part of the migration process, we cleaned and merged the data to one Shopify Plus store.

  • Control of content: Getting MN onto Shopify with a well-constructed theme allowed the internal team to make quick updates when they needed to without constant reliance on developers.

Continuous Improvement

Post-launch - Following the successful launch to a stable website, we began our journey additional functionality, based on a collaborative project roadmap. Tasks are tackled in smaller manageable blocks of work, sort of mini-projects. 

Tiered Cart Promotion Strategy

Ulitising Shopify Plus scripts and a number of other clever customisations, we created a tiered cart promotion strategy to be used for new launches and sales events. Everything was completely automated (no need to remember discount codes). Customers simply had to add their favourite products to cart and select the colour of the free gifts.

BFCM Promotions
Muscle Nation only does one sale each year, so it had to be something special. Leading up to the sale, we went back and forth with the MN team to refine a strategy that would blow competitors away.  The final result was two Black Friday deals based on spending thresholds, see below for an example of the 2018 strategy which was featured by Shopify Plus.

  • Add $150 to your cart = 15% off total cart value + Free Jug ($30 Value) + Free Shipping

  • Add $250 to your cart = 30% off total cart value + Free Bag ($70 Value) + Free Jug ($30 Value) + Free Shipping

Key UX/UI Enhancements

  • Free shipping threshold graphic in the cart

  • Also available in and product fit on PDP

  • Collection page filtering and search

  • Bundle products

Operational Scale

Inventory and Warehouse Management Systems
With the move to yet another bigger warehouse and continued high growth, getting an inventory and warehouse management system in place was critical. We sent team members on-site to carry out the implementation, training, and ongoing assistance to make sure everything was working as expected.

Wholesale Business Automation
We have utilised the Shopify Plus Wholesale channel to streamline the wholesale side of the business and minimise the need for paper and phone-based orders. This is also integrated with the inventory management system to maintain an accurate stock count at all times. 

Web Design / Development / Operational Scale

Our Work

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Conversion Rate Increase


Revenue Increase


AOV Increase

Business Outcomes (2018 vs 2019)

We've formed a great partnership with the MN team and played an integral role in providing the technology to allow them to scale. It's been inspiring to watch the brand go from strength to strength and we're excited to see where they take it from here!

Partnering with Stead Lane was one of the best decisions we have made. Not only did they get our new website launched onto Shopify within weeks but they also made it very aesthetically pleasing and user friendly for the consumer.

They have been there to help us at all steps along the way as we continue to update the website and add new features.

They are very responsive to our suggestions but have also made a lot of positive recommendations themselves which will help enhance our website.


Nathaniel Anthony, Co-founder Muscle Nation

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