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The previous Rhythm website, built back in 2016, was aesthetically dated and difficult for the internal marketing team to manage. After making a decision that they needed to increase their online retail presence, they approached us for help.

Key Pain Points

  • Very low conversion rates despite large YOY traffic growth

  • Complicated navigation and user experience

  • Three website platforms were being used (Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress)

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How We Provided Value

We delivered a complete redesign of Rhythm’s entire user interface and user experience, with customised theme templates that provided flexibly for their internal team to easily make updates to the content, promotions and products.

Rhythm has a large global presence through its current retailers, so we needed to ensure the new site had an equal focus on both selling products, and brand/campaign content to support their offline marketing activity and retailers.

Discovery Process

Before starting any of the implementation, we undertook a comprehensive website discovery process,  including a thorough review of the business and online presence to finalise our strategy for the project. We also took time to speak to people from all areas of the business to gain a strong understanding of the current pain points and hear their ideas for improvement.

  • Meetings with internal project stakeholders: It was really important for us to understand the pain points from each department and from key roles within the business, to ensure we were delivering what they actually needed.

  • Information Architecture: We identified that navigation was a big issue, especially across men and women’s content and products. We proposed the new structure for the Information Architecture (IA) and then workshoped it with key stakeholders to finalise the best way forward. 

  • Tech stack review: Following the stakeholder workshops, we reviewed the current technology stack in place, looking at where each component fits and what its purpose is.

  • Deep data analysis: We analysed Rhythm’s data with a focus on user behavior, especially across the different countries, to assist with decisions on which countries to target first.

  • Screen tracking and recording: Watching the recorded user sessions gave us insight into why the conversion rate was so low.

  • Digital advertising strategy: A critical component of any website project, we looked at how the ad and social accounts would integrate with each site.

Tech Stack Consolidation

Minimising the tech stack was a huge component of this project and one of the initial pain points identified. End user operational use of technology platforms and website content management systems can be frustrating and time consuming to say the least, let alone having to train staff on multiple platforms. We always recommend reducing this as much as possible.

After a thorough discovery process, we proceeded with the following:

  • Continue with Cin7 to minimise operational disruption

  • Continue with Shopify and move to Shopify Plus

  • Introduce Klaviyo for advanced email automation

  • Removing Squarespace, WordPress and respective hosting all together

International Website Structure

During the discovery phase, we identified the need to have different products, content and pricing for regional markets. We decided to create regionalised Shopify Plus websites, beginning with Australia/NZ, North America, and Europe.

This approach would allow Rhythm to:

  • Increase profitability with regional pricing for each market

  • Deliver region-specific campaign content and customer support information

  • Provide seasonal product ranges within each region

Web Design / UX / UI / Web Development

The Work

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Increased Conversion Rate


Increased Revenue


Increased AOV

3 Month Post Launch Outcomes

Improved Email Marketing Automation
Working with the marketing team to migrate to Klaviyo and begin to implement proper, structured email automation was a game changer.

Improved UX/UI
Now the overall look and feel of the new site truly reflects the nature of the Rhythm brand. The marketing team can now easily showcase the beautiful products and campaign imagery.

Strong Growth in the US
The launch of a specific US store has delivered some huge results and continues to grow.


Undertaking a website rebuild can be a daunting project with many different platforms and solutions on offer. Finding an agency you can trust is key. From our initial consultations it was clear that Stead Lane were presenting a tailored approach that met our brand needs, balancing a content rich experience with data driven ecommerce functionality that has improved conversion and enabled growth.

The team at Stead Lane did an exceptional job in managing the project and worked closely with our internal creative team to ensure all our needs were met. The platform is now easily managed with a very small team who have quickly upskilled in Shopify + management, thanks to the support and training by the team at Stead Lane.

The results speak for themselves, and Stead Lane continues to provide us excellent support as we utilise new features and undertake further developments to optimise our ecommerce experience. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Flynn and the team as we grow this channel within the Rhythm business.

Samuel Treffers, General Manager of Rhythm Retail

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