The Mad Hueys

A quick look at The Mad Hueys instagram page and it’s clear what they’re all about. Surf, fish, party—and they do it well.

Background & Challenge

What started as some brand merch has become a successful clothing and lifestyle brand for men, women and kids. From fishing shirts to button up party shirts, The Mad Hueys have it all covered.

Having worked with The Mad Hueys on their website in 2018, we were engaged again in 2021 to work on their digital strategy. Our goal was to improve performance within the ad platforms and get the brand in a better place for years to come. A few months into working with them for their digital strategy, we started working with them on a new theme build for their website. As was our goal for the digital strategy, we wanted to get the website to a place that could see them grow further over the next few years.

  • The Mad Hueys hadn’t seen results they were really happy with in ad platforms for months and wanted to partner with an agency with experience growing brands.

  • They wanted someone who could assist with an ad spend growth strategy, while maintaining a strong ROAS.

  • Moving away from random product drops, the team wanted to be able to showcase their collection launches more aesthetically on the website and improve the overall customer experience.

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Our Solution


Having run ad campaigns for years, The Mad Hueys were looking to take their campaigns to the next level. We developed a funnel strategy that would allow us to reach new users and find new customers for the brand. We used a variety of ad types to get in front of the right people, at the right time.


Over the months, we started testing different audiences as well as optimising the campaigns and ads. We tested different campaign types to find a strategy that would give us the best results.


Offering more than just management of campaigns, we also helped The Mad Hueys set revenue targets and appropriate ad spend in line with these targets. We looked at how this would be best split across platforms to encourage growth while maintaining a good ROI for the brand.


As the brand moved towards monthly collection releases, our strategy and website development team worked with them to build a website that was an enjoyable experience for the user. We identified how to best portray the brand throughout each page and touchpoint, while also trying to improve the AOV. We wanted to ensure the customer found exactly what they were looking for while also being able to offer them extras along the way.

Merchandising is a really key part of their business, so we utilised Searchspring to power products filters, smart search and merchandising automation.

Shopify Plus Build & Digital Strategy





Ecommerce Conversion Rate


Average Order Value


Comparing results from September, October, November 2021 compared to the same 3 months the previous year.

  • Increase revenue by 59%

  • Increase ecommerce conversion rate by 12%

  • Increase online store sessions by 29%

  • Increase AOV (average order value) by 8%

“The Mad Hueys have partnered with Stead Lane for 3 years to enhance our consumer experiences, through interaction and usability. They have provided us with advertising campaigns to reach new audiences and strengthen categories within our brand.

Our most recent project was to strategise and build a framework for a more engaging website, that allowed consumers to shop across all brand divisions of The Mad Hueys. The project was tailored towards our user and delivered expectations visually, and increased conversions from day one.

Stead Lane has continually invested in our business, assisting in key growth & development programs. Building succession plans with our business partners is key and all the team members at Stead Lane provide those solutions.”

Shane Kearney, Head of Sales & Marketing - The Mad Hueys

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