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With Jéan

Inspired by Vintage Fashion & Worn by ‘Cool Girls’ Everywhere
With Jéan Shopify Build & International Expansion

Background & Challenge

Inspired by vintage fashion and worn by ‘cool girls’ everywhere, With Jéan is one of the most in-demand fashion brands across the globe. With a cult-like following, With Jéan seems to set the trends for the season with pieces that are able to stand the test of time.

With Jéan was created in 2017 and in late 2019, they came to us with a goal of taking their business to the next level. They had seen a lot of traction; online sales were growing but they were looking for a digital partner who could help them continue to scale.

  • With Jéan was looking for guidance to scale the business and wanted a partner who could provide strategic advice and implement the plan.

  • With Jéan was looking for assistance to grow the brand internationally and reach new customers.

  • The team wanted to be able to focus on what they do best - product and fashion - rather than spending time trying to get the website and digital campaigns right. They wanted to partner with someone who could take care of this for them. 

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Social Ad Campaigns

With Jéan’s history with social ad campaigns was very minimal. They had dabbled in some advertising but with very little ad spend and no real structure to the campaigns. Our goal was to scale and grow the brand so we built a campaign structure that would support this. We worked to find new audiences while creating a funnel structure to ensure people who engaged with the brand would be retargeted over time. We created a plan to increase ad spend over time that saw revenue increase while maintaining a solid ROAS. 

Optimisation & Management of Campaigns

Since creating the campaign structure, we have constantly monitored and iterated the campaigns, audiences and ad. Each month, we create reports that are easy to digest with insights and recommendations to improve performance. 

Growth Support 

Offering more than just management of campaigns, we also help With Jéan set new ad spend targets in line with their revenue goals. We consistently monitor overall return on investment of digital campaigns so we can increase ad spends responsibly. 

Shopify Plus Website Build

After over a year of delivering great results with the digital campaigns, we made some bigger recommendations to update the website to help support the next stage of scale. We worked on the full design and development of the new Shopify theme and launched this in line with a new international store. As the international audiences continued to grow, it was the right time to have a dedicated site where we could optimise campaigns and launches specific to certain regions.

Along with Shopify Plus, we also implemented Klaviyo for email automation and Loop for automated returns.

Shopify Plus Build & Digital Strategy

The Work

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Store Traffic


Online Revenue


Average Order Value


Since beginning work with us in October 2019 compared to the previous period.

  • Increase store traffic by 77%

  • Increase online revenue by 74%

  • Increase AOV by 19%

Stead Lane has become an asset to our business, they have guided us through multiple projects and did so in providing incredible results. Finding an agency you enjoy working with is important, the attention to detail, personal attention and bespoke approach Stead Lane has is everything we looked for in a digital agency.

They have been a part of our business from the early stages and have helped implement growth and have provided their knowledge of the digital world to assist With Jéan’s presence in more ways than one.  

They endeavour to understand all of our business requirements and do so with the utmost care, efficiency and accuracy. We couldn’t be happier with the turn out of our website, the ongoing support we receive and the results we have in our social marketing. It has played a huge role in our year-over-year growth and we look forward to working with Stead Lane as we continue to grow in all aspects of our business.

Sami, With Jéan Co-Founder

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